Single Close Construction

Are you still looking for your perfect home? Here is a huge opportunity for you. Perhaps, the ability to customize and watch a home being built around you and your family’s wants and needs is an amazing opportunity. Isn’t it?

GSF Single Close Construction program

GSF Mortgage offers a USDA, FHA or VA Single Close Construction program that allows you to build your perfect home with little to no money down.

How to qualify

You will only have to qualify for one loan and you will not have to make any payments while the home is being built.

Are you ready to build a new home?

There are numerous options for Single Close construction loans.

  • FHA single close construction loan with 3.5% down
  • VA single close construction loan no money down
  • USDA single close construction loan no money down

Each product has different features and qualification criteria. We are here to answer your questions and assist you in choosing the best option for your specific scenario.

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