Top steps to purchasing / buying a Wisconsin home.


#1 Responsibility of being a homeowner.


Are you ready to stop renting and take on the responsibility of becoming a Wisconsin homeowner? Are you able to make or pay for repairs, routine maintenance & up keep on a home? If so, homeownership could be right for you.


#2 Get your finances in order.


Credit plays a major part in getting pre approved for a Wisconsin mortgage and factors into how much if any downpayment you will need. Plus the higher the credit score the lower your interest rate could be saving you thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your Wisconsin mortgage home loan. You can a copy of a free credit report each year at If anything is past due make sure you get it paid immediately. You are also going to want to check for errors and dispute any that are not your debt.  If you need help with understanding your credit report and what to do I can be reached at 920-788-9608 or email to offer suggestions how to improve your credit.


#3. Get Pre Approved for a Wisconsin Mortgage.


Talk to a lender to determine if you can purchase a home and for how much you are qualified for. For more information on the preapproval process click here


4. Get a good Real Estate Agent.


Call and talk to some Real Estate Agents about the areas you are looking to purchase in. Find one that is knowledgeable and one you gel with. Once you pick the Real Estate Agent you want to work with I suggest signing a Buyers Agency Agreement. By signing the agreement the Real Estate Agent is working on your behalf and looking out for your best interest.  


5. Looking at homes.


Give as much information as possible to your Wisconsin Real Estate Agent about the areas you want to live in and features you want in a home. This will help them send you listings of available homes for sale that meet your criteria. Next get out and view some homes as pictures can be deceiving. Give your Real Estate Agent feedback on the likes & dislikes of the homes. This will help in searching for new homes to preview. 


6. Writing an Offer.


You found the perfect home and it’s time to write an offer. Your real estate agent can provide you with similar homes that have sold and are currently on the market for sale to determine a purchase price 


7. Offer Accepted.


As soon as you know you have an accepted offer to purchase contact your Wisconsin mortgage lender immediately to begin the loan process so there is no delay in closing. 


8. Home Inspection-


While a home inspection is not required it is a good idea to have one. Video on Home Inspections


9. Underwriting of your mortgage home loan.


Get all documents to your lender as soon as they are requested. This will keep the lending process going smoothly and not cause delays in closing.


10. Preparing for the move.


In addition to packing up your personal items to move you also want to cancel and setup services at your new home including Electric, Phone, Cable, Internet etc. I suggest calling to schedule these at least 2 weeks prior to closing on your Wisconsin home.


11. Closing Day.


On closing day you will need to bring with you to the title company your drivers license and usually any other form of ID. In addition if you are required to bring funds to closing this will need to be done in the form of a certified check. Check with your lender prior to closing for the exact amount to bring.


If you have any questions with the home buying process or looking to get pre approved I can be reached at 920-788-9608,, or apply online.