FHA Back to Work Progam in Wisconsin


The FHA realizes that, sometimes, credit events may be beyond your control and that credit histories don't always reflect a person's true ability or willingness to pay on a mortgage.


The FHA Back to work program is the FHA's "second chance" for Wisconsin mortgage applicants who have experienced financial hardships as the result of unemployment or severe reduction income.


If you have had a foreclosure, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or have declared bankruptcy you may qualify for a new home loan after 12 months.


To qualify for the program, borrowers must meet the following terms:


  • Have re-established satisfactory credit for a 12 month payment history (no late payments or derogatory credit)
  • Be able to document the loss of employment and/or decrease in income
  • Complete housing counseling approved by the FHA and provide a letter of completion
  • Meet all current FHA underwriting guidelines