Wisconsin FHA streamline mortgage refinance with no appraisal or income documentation needed.


Are you unable to refinance because your Wisconsin home has dropped in value? At GSF Mortgage we are here to help you. Wisconsin mortgage interest rates are at historically low levels and you can take advantage of them now. You can refinance your current Wisconsin FHA mortgage via the FHA Streamline Refinance Mortgage with no appraisal or income documents needed. Yes, you heard me right, you do not need an appraisal or income documentation.


To be eligible for the program we do a verbal verification to make sure you are employed, and you must have made the last 12 mortgage payments on time.


This loan gets even better, In addition you will skip a month’s mortgage payment and get your current money in your escrow account back. Use that money to paydown your mortgage balance, payoff other debts, or go on the vacation you’ve always wanted to go on.


Give me a call or apply online to get your Wisconsin FHA Streamline Refinance started today.