Are you a first time homebuyer looking to purchase a Wisconsin home and have questions on where to start. I will be putting together a series of videos discussing the various topics of buying a Wisconsin home for sale and what is all involved in obtaining a Wisconsin mortgage.


Video of who I am and GSF Mortgage is.


Wisconsin Mortgage buying a home for sale tips


#1  Mortgage preapproval video discussing how and why you should get preapproved for a Wisconsin mortgage before looking at homes for sale.


#2 Buy now or wait?  This video discussing the topic of, should I purchase a Wisconsin home for sale now, or wait and save up a larger downpayment.


#3 Questions to ask a lender when looking to refinance or purchase a home for sale in Wisconsin


#4 Top 10 Question to ask a Real Estate Agent you are looking to hire for your Wisconsin home purchase.


#5 Processing and underwriting. In this video I discuss what is all involved in the processing and underwriting of your Wisconsin mortgage.


#6 Earnest Money In this video I explain what is earnest money and how to correctly pay it.


#7 Home Inspection In this video I explain why it's important to have your offer to purchase contingent on a home inspection. 


#8 PMI  when can private mortgage insurance PMI be removed from your Wisconsin home mortgage loan.


#9 Credit Tips Top 5 tips to improve your Wisconsin credit score. Having a higher credit score will save you thousands in interest on all types of loans not just a mortgage.


#10 Top factors that make up your credit score