Wisconsin Mortgage Home Loan Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification Process

Prior to even beginning looking for your Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay or surrounding areas of Wisconsin dream home you need to get pre approved for a Wisconsin mortgage. I have seen many potential buyers search for months looking for their perfect Wisconsin house to call a home. They finally find it, get an offer accepted and then find out they can't get approved for a Wisconsin mortgage. Don't let this happen to you.


During the pre-approval process I will run your credit, verify employment and income and compare your assets and liabilities. Once this is completed we will meet and go over your documents to verify the information. At this time we will also go over the entire home buying process and issue you a pre-approval letter. Usually the first question people ask is, "How much house can I get approved for?" I prefer to ask, "How much can you afford per month for a mortgage payment." I typically can get people approved for more than they can comfortably afford so I prefer you tell me how much you can afford per month. Based on that, I will give you a range of home prices so you can stay within your budget. Afterall, I don't have to write out the mortgage check each month you do.


Some of the major items you will need for this meeting are:

  • A valid driver license or government issued photo id
  • Last 1 month's worth of check stubs
  • Last 2 years W2's
  • Last 2 years federal taxes returns
  • Last asset statement such as checking, savings, 401k, ira, etc. We will need all the pages of the statement.

Many Wisconsin real estate agents do require a pre-approval letter prior to showing you a Wisconsin home. This way your real estate agent will know you can get a mortgage and what price range they should be looking at for homes for you to see. In addition, when putting in an offer to purchase by including a preapproval letter if a sellers is debating between 2 offers and only yours has a pre-approval letter included this will help the chances of getting your offer accepted.


Call me today or apply online to get preapproved or pre qualified for your Wisconsin mortgage home loan.


Rates & home values are expected to rise. Get Pre Approved today.