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1/23/2018 ~ Home Loan Pre-Approval

Finding the right home can be a challenge, and here at GSF Mortgage, we can help! To help you through the process of home buying we offer Finance First. Finance First can make your home buying a SNAP! AND, it includes a Free Appraisal!


With Finance First, we help take some of the big questions out of home buying. Before shopping for a home, we recommend getting pre-approved for your home purchase. A loan underwriter looks at all of your financial information, for insta...
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1/16/2018 ~ No Money Down Home Loan

For many of us, scrimping and saving for a down payment can be a real burden. When talking to new clients, it's surprising how many believe it is still necessary to save 20% down which was the industry standard. Luckily, FHA offers home loans with as little as 3.5% down, but there is even better news for some borrowers. Because many borrowers have the ability to pay their monthly bills on time, but have trouble saving the 3.5% down required for some home loans, we are happy to offer a sol...
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1/9/2018 ~ Serve and Support Loans

As a way of appreciating our neighbors that serve our community, GSF Mortgage has a great way to say thank you! We have developed a program that offers a discount on closing costs to show our appreciation.


This discount is offered to those that help us in our everyday life, sacrificing to make a difference in our community. This discount is offered for EMT's, nurses, firefighters, flight crews, teachers, and law enforcement.


These individuals ...
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1/2/2018 ~ Debt Consolidation and Cash Out

Watch this video about refinancing!


Have you found yourself over extended after the holiday spending? Did year end expenses add up and now your budget is out of whack? Every year many of us make the simple mistake of overspending and racking up our credit card debt. What we think will be an additional small payment on a credit card or two, often ends up being a big chunk of money from our monthly spending budget...
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12/19/2017 ~ Fast and Easy Refinance

FHA Streamline refinance is a great loan for people that already have an FHA mortgage. FHA Streamlines are the fastest and easiest way to refinance your home into today's interest rates. You can even use an FHA Streamline for refinancing a home you are no longer living in as your primary residence!


FHA Streamlines do not require an appraisal or income verification. Because your existing loan is already backed by FHA, they have simplified the process of refinancing,...
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9/27/2017 ~ Now is the Time to Purchase a New Home

With cooler weather being promised by the weatherman this week, it may be time to start thinking about more than just sending the kids back to school. Now is the perfect time to think seriously about getting into a home before the first snowflakes. Many potential home buyers wish they had purchased a home before the holidays. With family celebrations around the corner, finding your new home can make the celebration even bigger. What says memories more than family gathered around your new fire...
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9/21/2017 ~ Low Money Down Loans

Do you still believe you may need 20% down to buy a home? You might be surprised!


Many new home buyers are still under the impression they must scrimp and save for years to purchase a home. A large amount of people are overestimating the amount of money down they will need to purchase their dream home. Home loans are now available such as the Home Ready with as little as 3% and no money down loans with VA or USDA Rural Development loans. With these loan programs now a...
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9/13/2017 ~ Who Can Get a VA Loan

Wondering if you can qualify for a VA loan? Most veterans, members of the military, National Guard members and reservists are eligible. Spouses of military members may also qualify. Here at GSF, we are happy to help you determine your eligibility for a VA Loan.


Potential borrowers will need to get a certificate of eligibility. The good news is, you don't need the certificate to start the mortgage process and we can assist you in getting the documents you need for ...
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9/8/2017 ~ Renting or Buying

As fall approaches many renters wonder if they should be looking to buy a home. Often a good deal can be found with homes that haven't sold yet, and sellers are more willing to negotiate. So is now the right time to get in on homeownership?


Paying rent every month means you don't own anything. This may seem as a benefit to many, but is it really? With home values on the rise again, rents have steadily been going up. Homes you could afford to rent may be out of y...
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8/30/2017 ~ Loan Discounts for Nurses

GSF Mortgage is very proud of the many local heroes here in our community that provide service to our neighbors on an everyday basis. We want to recognize the local caregivers such as nurses sacrifice by working long hours and are dedicated to helping keep our families healthy. It's important that our children and elderly have people committed to keeping them in good health, vaccinated, and cared for when sick or unable to care for themselves later in life.


Our Serv...
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8/23/2017 ~ USDA Home Loans

Many people are unaware of a loan that is available that requires ZERO money down for a home purchase. It's called a USDA home loan, and we want to let you in on this "secret" for home buying! It's actually not a secret, and it's a great loan that is sponsored by the United States Department of Agriculture. This loan is meant to promote home buying in less-dense communities. It's often called a rural housing loan. Don't let the name fool you- it's not just for homes ...
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8/18/2017 ~ Loan Discounts for Teachers

Here at GSF Mortgage we appreciate the dedication and sacrifices that the service fields make for our community. From fire fighters to teachers, these neighbors go the extra mile to make our lives better and to prepare our children for the future.


Our Serve and Support Benefit program was designed just for those making a difference. Teachers not only put in long hours grading papers and preparing for classes. They continue learning to help our children get the best educ...
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8/8/2017 ~ FHA 203K Home Improvement Loan

The FHA is now offering a loan that allows you to borrow money for both home improvements and home purchase, all in one loan. The FHA 203K loan can also be used for just home improvements, depending on your needs.


Because this loan is offered by the FHA, it is easier to get approved for than some loans.


Have you found the home that is almost your dream home - the right neighborhood, right yard, but the home needs some improvements to become perfec...
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7/31/2017 ~ Discount for Firefighters

GSF Mortgage is not just a lender in the Green Bay Fox Valley area, we are neighbors. Our community is your community, and we raise our families here, our kids go to school here and everyone here calls this area home.


We are proud of our neighbors that have made a pledge to help our community thrive, and that includes our Firefighters. More than 300,000 professional firefighters work in the US, and there are over 4,000 professional men and women from departments across ...
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7/25/2017 ~ Getting an FHA Loan

FHA loans are insured by the Federal Housing Administration. Borrowers pay for mortgage insurance, which protects the lenders from a loss if the borrower defaults on the loan. The good news about mortgage insurance is that it is an affordable way to get a home mortgage at an attractive interest rate, and sometimes with very little money down, with less than perfect credit scores.


FHA loans can make allowances for home buyers with lower credit scores and with little cred...
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7/18/2017 ~ Discount for Police Officers

Here at GSF Mortgage we are proud of the local heroes that help our community on an everyday basis. We recognize our police force risks their lives to keep our homes and our neighborhoods safe for our families. It's important that our children have a worry free place to play and go to school. This helps promote home values, and keeps our neighbors invested in staying in their homes and promoting community.


Our Serve and Support Benefit Program offers a discount to t...
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7/12/2017 ~ Rates on the Rise

Along with the summer heat this year, temperatures will not be the only thing on the rise. Homes are selling faster than ever in most markets, especially here in Wisconsin. Future home buyers putting off the buying a home until fall may find they have waited too long to get their dream home. Prices are on the rise, and along with that, rates are predicted to go up also.


This could have a powerful impact on those that are watching their budgets. When home prices and rate...
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5/24/2017 ~ Pre-Approval and Pre-Qualification Differences

Today let's talk about the difference between a pre-approval and a pre-qualification for a home loan. GSF helps our clients through the process, and we even offer a Finance First Program where your loan information is looked over by an actual underwriter, to help you avoid any surprises during the home buying process. We also offer a free appraisal if you have an accepted offer within 30 days of submitting your information for pre-approval.


So what's the differe...
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5/15/2017 ~ USDA No Money Down Home Loan

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets lending guidelines for this mortgage type, which is why it is also called the USDA Rural Development Loan. This type of home loan reduces costs for home buyers in rural and suburban areas.


Qualifying is easier than some other loan types, since the loan doesn’t require a down payment or a higher credit score. This program is for homes within USDA-eligible geographic areas, because the property location is the ...
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5/9/2017 ~ Low Credit Home Buying

Fannie Mae has a home mortgage program geared to help people with lower income and lower credit scores purchase homes. It's called the HomeReady program and it is helping to turn potential home buyer’s dreams of owning a home a reality. It's much easier to qualify with this program, and here at GSF are proud to say we have helped many people purchase homes that thought it was not possible for them because of income or credit.


This program makes it possible...
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5/4/2017 ~ Financing your New Home

With the housing market heating up, more and more people are looking to purchase a home to avoid higher rent prices. Buying a home now allows many to take advantage of current prices before the values climb this year. When a home rises in value, it means more equity is available in the home, giving many a financial foot up in building a nest egg.


Here at GSF Mortgage, our mortgage specialist can help you find the right fit for financing. We have several loan options ava...
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4/26/2017 ~ Bankruptcy and Home Ownership

Many renters are unaware if their credit is good enough to buy a home. People often think that if they have had poor credit, a bankruptcy or a foreclosure, they will be forced to rent for years to come. The truth may surprise you. Lenders have loosened the guidelines in the past couple years, making home buying possible for many with weaker credit.


Worried your bankruptcy may keep you from owning a home? Lending guidelines allow for financing as soon as 2 years after yo...
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4/20/2017 ~ FHA 203K Loan

Good News! FHA is offering a loan that helps with home repairs, either with a new purchase or a refinance. Borrowing for costly home repairs from your family or waiting forever to try to take out a home equity loan is no longer necessary!


The FHA 203K Streamline Mortgage program lets you include the cost of repairs in the loan. The 203K allows home buyers to finance an additional $35,000 into their mortgage to improve or upgrade their homes before move-in.

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4/11/2017 ~ Raising Rates Impact Buyers

March weather not only brought in spring weather and homes going on the market for sale, but also brought with it a rate increase with the Federal Reserve. Many first time home buyers are asking "how does this affect me?"


When the Federal Reserve raises its rate, it affects local lenders with rate increases. This is then passed down to anyone that is hoping to purchase a home. When interest rates increase, so do mortgage payments.


A mortgage pay...
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4/5/2017 ~ Finding the Right Home

The home market is not in the height of the season for home sales as it usually peaks in summer, but this year, things have taken off much more quickly. Homes are being listed and within just a few days, sometimes less, are receiving offers. The reason for this is that the market does not have enough homes for sale for all the potential buyers currently looking for a new home.


This leaves a prospective home buyers becoming quickly frustrated with finding a new home. The...
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3/30/2017 ~ Buying VS Renting

There has been a long debate on renting versus buying. Today's housing market is sending a clear picture, now is the time to invest and purchase a home.


Buying protects the consumer from rising rental amounts, especially for someone wanting to stay in the same place for a longer amount of time. Unlike rent, mortgage payments remain the same, allowing you to rest easy when planning your monthly budget. When rent goes up, you potentially have to find a new place, spen...
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3/21/2017 ~ Home for Neighborhood Heroes

Here at GSF we appreciate our neighbors! We want to thank those neighbors that go above and beyond with their contributions to our community with special financing privileges* for those that are in law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, teachers, flight crew, nurses, and medical technicians. These neighborhood heroes give so much in their daily life, we want to give back!


As a special way to say thank you, we provide closing costs credits for home purchases up...
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3/7/2017 ~ GSF 100 Financing

GSF is proud to provide our customers with an exclusive product, strictly for those with a credit score of 680 or above. This program has no maximum household limit and you don't have to buy in a certain area. This great product allows customers to finance 100% of their home value when purchasing a home.


Financing 100% when purchasing gives home buyers the opportunity to keep any money they have been saving to put down on a home purchase. Often times there are une...
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2/27/2017 ~ Free Appraisal with Finance First

Considering purchasing a home but not sure where to start? We can help! When buying a home, the most critical part is financing. Knowing where you stand financially is vital when purchasing a home.


With our Finance First program, an underwriter will actually review your documents and give you a target price for home shopping. It's important to know what loan amount you can afford to help you search for your dream home much more effectively.


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2/22/2017 ~ Home Inspections

A home inspection is critical, even if the bank doesn't require one for your new home purchase. As a buyer, a home inspection from a certified inspector will tell you about potential problems that you cannot see by simply looking around or having an appraisal done. An inspector will check the structure, foundation, the home’s exterior, look for animal and/or insect infestations, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and more.


The home inspector will then give you a deta...
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2/14/2017 ~ Low Money-Down Loan

Many people are interested in owning a home, but are unsure how to make that happen. They may have several student loans, don't have a large down payment saved, even have family members as roommates to make ends meet. This often discourages people from believing they can own a home any time soon. But there is a solution available that they may not be aware of!


Fannie Mae has a HomeReady mortgage. It offers a loan with as little as 3% down. Home buyers can also use i...
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2/6/2017 ~ VA Loans 2017

A VA Loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of the value of your home. With 100% financing you can purchase a home with no money down, refinance and pay off credit card debt, or get cash for any purpose. When you refinance and utilize the current equity in your home to pay off debt, it can often save you hundreds of dollars a month. Imagine not having those credit cards to pay anymore!


A misconception about VA loans is that most vets think they are only entitled to this b...
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1/31/2017 ~ What is Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance is mandatory insurance required on some types of home loans that exceed 80% of the value of the home.


Mortgage insurance enables home buyers to put very little money down rather than 20% down when purchasing or refinancing. The mortgage insurance is paid to the lender along with the monthly mortgage payments. It allows the lender to give home buyers more money toward their purchase because the mortgage insurance helps lenders reduce their risk. Insura...
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1/23/2017 ~ Tax Refund Options

Looking forward to your tax return? Wondering what the best way to use your money is this year? Have you considered using it to purchase a home? You may not realize a tax refund can be used as your down-payment on a home purchase. Now may be the chance you've been looking for to stop paying your landlords mortgage, and put your tax return to work for you!


Additionally, FHA loans are now available that offer low money down. This means, your tax return could very wel...
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1/18/2017 ~ FHA Loans

The Federal Government just announced some new and exciting changes for their FHA loans that will be taking effect at the end of the month. They will be lowering the monthly mortgage insurance premiums, and what was already affordable, just got even better! This could potentially save homeowners up to $500 a year on housing payments.


Some other exciting news is the increase in housing loan limits. This combined with monthly savings on mortgage insurance, could help home...
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1/9/2017 ~ Using a Realtor

Shopping for a home to purchase seems easier than ever now, with the endless listings online, such as Zillow and other similar sites. Many sites appear to have up to date listings and values readily available for you to make an educated decision about home buying. Unfortunately, this isn't always true. The values often are reported inaccurately, so these sites should be used to simply do some light browsing at best.


Many new home buyers are unaware that the realtor ...
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1/4/2017 ~ New Year Debt

Along with New Year’s resolutions being made, new bills often make their way to many people’s mailboxes. Holiday trips and gifts add up on credit cards, making higher balances and bills harder to pay. With holidays taking a toll on everyone's wallet, there may be some good news available to the home owner.


Cash-out refinances can be a simple easy way to consolidate some or all of your debt and provide you with a stress free New Year. Home values have be...
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12/28/2016 ~ New Year - New Home!

Now that the Christmas season is over, people are wondering what their New Year’s resolution should be. Buying a new home this year is the perfect one!


Not only can you own your own dream home, but it will help you become more financially stable. Why not make this New Year the year you stop paying the landlord! Owning your home means no more rent increases and it builds equity as a nest egg for you and your family to use in the future.


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12/20/2016 ~ Mortgage Pre-Approval Advantages

Considering whether or not you should get pre-qualified before looking for your dream home? It's an excellent idea, for a few important reasons. 


Know your target price - getting pre-approved gives you a well-defined price range, allowing you to focus on home in your price range. Real Estate agents will be far more accommodating if you are pre-approved. Since they work on commission, they want to use their valuable time wisely by helping those that have ma...
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12/12/2016 ~ Bankruptcy and Home Buying

All mortgage programs have requirements when it comes to qualifying for financing a home. For those people that lost their home to a foreclosure, or have declared bankruptcy, getting approved can be a lot sooner than they might expect. For example, a borrower that lost their home may now qualify for a FHA loan. Buyers with a FICO score of just 620 and 3 years out from foreclosure could find themselves getting approved for a new home purchase. Underwriting guidelines may help those that have d...
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12/8/2016 ~ Credit Scores

Credit scores tell banks and lenders your credit worthiness. How much have you borrowed in the past? How much is outstanding, and how long you have had credit. Here at GSF, we can often get approval on loans with credit scores as low 600. Wondering how your score is determined? Here's a little insight!


Lenders use this report to determine if you can handle the new payment, or if you are too high of a risk. Lenders also consider if the debt is secured, meaning a loan...
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11/29/2016 ~ Home Selling Secrets

The home selling market is more competitive than ever. It is best to make sure your home is in tip-top shape right when it is first listed, because that is when the most showings will occur. Some simple do's and don'ts can make all the difference to help your home show the best, and they cost little or nothing.



Take down all the family photos, nick-knacks and other personal items displayed on shelves or on the walls. You want the home buyer to be a...
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11/23/2016 ~ Rates to Rise

Along with the summer heat this year, temperatures will not be the only thing on the rise. Homes are selling faster than ever in most markets, especially here in Wisconsin. Future home buyers putting off the buying a home until fall may find they have waited too long to get their dream home. Prices are on the rise, and along with that, rates are predicted to go up also.

This could have a powerful impact on those that are watching their budgets. When home prices and rates rise, many bu...
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11/16/2016 ~ Ready, Set, Winter!

Fall is the time we want to get some things buttoned up for winter before the snow flies. Whether you take on the tasks yourself, or hire someone, you'll save money in the long run by taking care of your home's needs before they become actual problems.


1) Clean and inspect your gutters and downspouts to prevent ice back up and damage to your roof when the freezing temperatures set in.


2) Drain and winterize outdoor faucets and install winter protection cove...
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11/7/2016 ~ VA Loans

VA loans are available for active duty service members and for veterans. The VA Loan is designed to offer affordable financing to our American veterans and some surviving spouses (provided they have not remarried).* These home loans are guaranteed by the VA, and can often be done without any down payment.


The other great benefit to a VA loan is that they do not require mortgage insurance. This means that, while other loans require mortgage insurance when lending above 8...
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10/31/2016 ~ Holiday Dream Home

With the end of the year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to find your dream home. Many sellers are ready and willing to reduce their asking prices after being on the market all summer and into the fall. With cold weather closing in, many will negotiate with prospective buyers to get their home sold. There is still plenty of time to find your dream home and celebrate the holiday season in your new digs!


Probably the biggest obstacle that prevents renters...
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10/25/2016 ~ Stop Paying Rent Today!

Owning a home is always a smart investment! Many argue that they are renting to avoid costly home repairs, but in reality, home repairs are built into your rent payment. Mortgage payments are on average, much lower than the cost of rent.


There are other substantial reasons to buy a home rather than paying your landlordís mortgage. When you purchase a home, it can be a way of requiring you to save money. Making monthly mortgage payments lowers your loan amount owed, grow...
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10/18/2016 ~ No Money Down Home Loans

Luckily, scrimping and saving to buy your first home is a thing of the past. It often took years to save 20% down, and with the obstacles life can throw at you, it can feel almost impossible. No need to borrow from your 401k or your Uncle Al. It's time to consider some of the other great financing options that are available today.


It's true, you can get into your own home with little to no money down to qualified borrowers now. With flexible options, and less critical c...
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10/10/2016 ~ Getting Pre-Approved for Your Loan

It's not a requirement to be pre-approved before looking at new homes, but it could cost you your dream home if youíre not. Many home sellers are unwilling to consider offers on their homes without some idea if you will actually be able to get a home loan. With the housing market flooded with buyers, and little real estate for sale, it's always a good idea to have a strong offer. A strong offer starts with providing the seller with a pre-approval from your lender. This not only tells them you...
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10/3/2016 ~ New Home for the Holidays

Fall makes us all think about the holidays around the corner, but have you thought about making it an even bigger celebration? Make it a memorable one with a new home for the holidays!


Many people don't realize that fall is one of the best times to purchase their dream home. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the "buyerís market" that happens in fall for home purchasing. Homes that are still for sale from the summer are often lowering their asking prices and...
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9/27/2016 ~ Fall Home Deals

The leaves are falling, the kids are back to school, and now is the perfect time to purchase your new home. With fall upon us, those homes left on the market are cooling down, along with our temps! Inventory is still available, but many don't realize what a bargain home hunting can be right now.


Itís a fact realtors encourage sellers to list their homes in the summer, because that's the busy season in the Midwest for house hunting. A large amount of those homes remain...
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9/19/2016 ~ No Down Payment Loans

Great news has been announced about the USDA home loan program, it just got a lot more affordable.


The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced that starting Oct 1, 2016, home buying could now be less expensive than renting. This loan will be one of the most affordable home loans available. Mortgage insurance fees will be less than FHA loans, and will prove to be a favorite among first time home buyers. For those of you unfamiliar with a USDA loan, take note, ...
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8/17/2016 ~ Streamline FHA and IRRRL VA loans

We are waiving our underwriting fee on applications taken by September 1 for both the Streamline FHA and IRRRL VA Loans! Here's why these are such great loan products!


  • No appraisal is needed.
  • No income verification - we only verify that you are currently employed.
  • Rates have dropped!
  • Skip 1 monthís mortgage payment!


What is an IRRRL VA Loan?

The VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan...
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8/8/2016 ~ Home Buying Tip #4

You've found your dream home and the day is set for your closing. Take advantage of the weeks before the big day to get organized and do some pre-packing. Here are some tips to make moving day a breeze!


A few weeks before the move is the perfect time to pack up all the decorations in your home. Critical items might be needed, but vases, pictures, figurines, and other decor items can be packed away and labeled to help eliminate some of the packing that will be done towar...
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8/1/2016 ~ Home Buying Tip #3

There are some critical mistakes some home buyers make that you will want to avoid at all costs. This week we are going to talk about what those are, and how to avoid these common missteps.


You have the house picked out, your offer accepted, the bank has approved your loan and a closing date is set. You think your loan commitment means your deal is done and you just have to wait for your closing. Not so fast! Your loan faces final underwriting review right before closin...
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7/26/2016 ~ Home Buying Tip #2

What is Earnest Money, and why is it needed?


The earnest money check is an important part of purchasing a home. It is usually paid in a personal check, and given to the selling agent shortly after the offer to purchase is accepted. The basic reason for this earnest money, is to show the seller that the buyer is serious about purchasing the property.


Without earnest money, a buyer could make multiple offers on many homes, taking them off the marke...
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7/20/2016 ~ Home Buying Tips and Tricks

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing important tips with you for home buying, ranging from credit tips to finding the perfect home.


This week we want to touch on looking at homes. This process can seem daunting, and you may feel as if you have seen too many houses to keep them straight. Try these tips to help you decide on which home is right for you.


Most real estate listed in todayís market has a spec sheet available at the home for you ...
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7/11/2016 ~ HomeReady - A Home Today!

Fannie Mae's HomeReady program is helping potential home buyerís dreams of owning a home a reality. This flexible program has helped thousands with lower income and lower credit scores make the home ownership dream come true. Not only that, it's much easier to qualify for than previous programs. So what is HomeReady?


HomeReady is an affordable low down-payment mortgage program. It allows low to moderate income borrowers to purchase a home, with as little as 3% down. T...
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6/28/2016 ~ Serious About Buying a Home?

In today's Seller's market, home buying has become extremely competitive! There are far more buyers looking for homes than there are available properties. Buyers are quickly realizing that they need to stand out from the crowd when putting in an offer. Trending sales and market analysis is showing that homes are selling shortly after hitting the market, and savvy buyers are prepared to have their offers taken seriously.


The amount of buyers looking for their dream home...
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6/21/2016 ~ Can you Afford to Wait to Purchase a Home?

Home values on the rise, some are predicting a rise as much as 5% in some areas over the next year. That means the home you want right now could cost you much more next year. That will not only make the mortgage payment higher, but also the amount of money you will need for a down-payment.


5% may not seem like that much, until it gets on paper. It can affect your debt-to-income ratio when calculating loan payments and money down. This will unfortunately be a detriment t...
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6/10/2016 ~ If You are Renting You are Still Paying a Mortgage

It's a bit of a shock to think of it this way, but that monthly rent payment is likely paying a mortgage. Only it's your landlord that raking in the profit. Every month you make your rent payment, it is another dollar that goes to your landlordís wealth building pocket. That timely payment strengthens his credit, builds equity in his home, and ensures his comfy retirement.


As a renter, you do not get the tax breaks a home owner would and you are also missing the forced ...
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6/6/2016 ~ Top Reasons We Buy a Home

Home buyers today are finding many reasons why they want to call a house a home. Renting brings little or no emotional gratification, whereas, home ownership is fulfilling many dreams for Americans. Couple that with the lower down payments needed to purchase currently, lots of people are finding now is the time to make their dreams of owning a home come true.


Purchasing a home not only gives buyers a place to call their own, but also marks and achievement of something ...
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5/31/2016 ~ A Friendly Reminder: You Do Not Need 20% Down

A lot of potential home buyers are overestimating the amount of money that is actually needed for a down payment in today's housing market. The days of scrimping and saving 20% down are over for the mass majority of Americans. Many are finding that there are a good amount of loans that require as little as 3% down. With programs like these available, that wonít break the bank, a lot of renters are entering the housing market earlier than they expected.


Are you concerne...
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5/23/2016 ~ Selling Your Home and Holding Out for More Money

It's a highly competitive seller's market right now, making some sellers wonder if they should wait for a better offer.


Many are finding that they have immediate showings and offers right out of the gate when selling. It's not unusual for a seller to have one or more offers within just a few days of listing their home for sale.


Sellers have the upper hand, allowing them to accept an offer that is not contingent on another home sale, a better clos...
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5/16/2016 ~ Why Smart Singles are Buying Homes Now

Smart single people are cornering the market on home buying as of late. This new trend is driven by savvy single men and women that are realizing now is the time to purchase that home, instead of waiting till they find a mate.


With home trends hinting that home values will continue to rise and the market with low inventory, many single millennials- and beyond -are making their move on buying a home right now. For those looking for a worry-free home purchase, many homes ...
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5/10/2016 ~ Avoid Having Your Offer to Purchase Rejected

You've searched and searched and have finally found the home you are ready to make your offer on. You present your offer, and it's flat out rejected. No counter, no explanation, just rejected. Don't panic. You can always make another offer, but there are a few things you should take into consideration to help you perhaps avoid rejection all together.


When you're preparing your offer, listen to your realtor. Chose a realtor that is skilled in negotiation, and has reputat...
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5/3/2016 ~ Building Your Net Worth with Home Ownership

When you are considering purchasing a house, it may be time you should consider it as part of your financial future, not just way to keep a roof over your head.


Paying on a home can build equity. The more you pay down your mortgage, the more equity you can build. This allows you to have your home's equity available as collateral to invest, or to make home improvements. If you choose to make home improvements this can help increase your home's value, building additional...
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4/26/2016 ~ Why You Need a Home Inspection

You've gotten pre-approved for a mortgage and put an offer in on a home that was accepted. The next step can be critically important in making a smart investment. Hopefully you made sure your offer to purchase included a clause to allow for a timely home inspection. Purchasing a home without an inspection is a lot like buying a car without ever starting it. You would never take the word of the seller that it runs. A house is probably the largest investment you are going to make in your lifeti...
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4/18/2016 ~ Why This is the Time to Sell Your Home

Attention all home owners, some new trends in the home market are very exciting! If you are considering selling your home this summer, there are some great things happening right now.


Home buyers this year got a jump on the market, and many started looking for homes right after the holiday season instead of waiting for summer. This has had a great impact on the way homes are selling. With limited inventory on the market for buyers to look at, it has created quite a fren...
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4/12/2016 ~ Listing Your Home with a Realtor VS FISBO

Last week we discussed the pros and cons of searching for a home with or without the help of a Realtor. The other side of the coin is listing your home listing with a Real Estate Agent or For Sale by Owner (FISBO).


On first examination, many are tempted to list their homes themselves, in an effort to sell the home without paying a fee to the realtor if it sells. There are some websites that allow you to create a listing for your home, and usually these sites charge a fe...
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4/6/2016 ~ Buyers - Using a Real Estate Agent VS FISBO

Many people that enter the home buying and selling arena wonder if they should use a real estate agent. Many first-time home buyers are tempted to look at homes that are For Sale by Owner, or FISBO as it is known in the business. This could unfortunately be a major misstep to not tap into the years of knowledge and expertise an experienced agent has in the business with you, for free!


When a home is listed with a real estate agent, the realtor has taken his or her time,...
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3/22/2016 ~ Millennial Home Buyers

The newest generation of home buyers is beginning to enter the market, and will continue to do so for the next few years. This "Generation Y" will shape the way homes are purchased, and what they are looking for in their new abodes.


Many Millennials face the challenge of carrying more college loan debt than previous generations, but this generation is showing they are very savvy at managing a budget, as they are now entering the arena of home ownership. With this in mi...
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3/14/2016 ~ Home Buying during a Sellers Market

If you are considering purchasing a home, don't wait! Real estate has become increasingly a seller's market. All forecasts are indicating this is not going to change any time soon! A seller's market means there is limited homes available to purchase and that recently listed houses are selling quickly.


Home buying is a growing trend and new buyers are gobbling up the avaliable houses as soon as they go on the market. We are only expecting this trend to grow as summer ap...
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2/29/2016 ~ Buying Versus Renting

Owning a home is the American dream. Are you debating the financial benefits of owning your own home rather than renting?


The trend of thought is that paying rent is just like throwing your money away. When you own a home every payment you make on your mortgage helps to build equity in your home. Not only does your home appreciate and value, you're actually investing in your own future.


Many people feel that investing in their 401(k) and retiremen...
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2/25/2016 ~ Private Mortgage Insurance Good or Bad

There seem to be a lot of questions about how private mortgage insurance (PMI) really works.


PMI is a mandatory insurance required on some types of home loans. It allows the lender to provide home buyers, and people looking to refinance, to exceed 80% financing that most conventional lenders won't lend above. PMI insures the lender against loss in the event a home owner stops making payments on their mortgage loan.


Having PMI allows the home buyer...
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2/15/2016 ~ You Don't Need Great Credit to Buy a Home

First time home buyers are finding it may not be so difficult to purchase a home with credit flaws. For years people have had the idea that to buy that dream home, you need great credit. Many are left thinking they need to repair the credit problems they have, but are often lost as to what they really need to do. The answer may just be, nothing. FHA offers loan programs for less than perfect credit, and often only require a small down payment.


FHA loans can provide the...
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2/9/2016 ~ Putting Your Tax Return Toward Your Future

Dreaming of what to do with your tax refund? You might not realize that you can actually use your tax refund to purchase your dream home! While other people are dreading tax time, if you are getting a refund, we can show you how you can put your refund toward your down payment on that new home! FHA loans require only 3.5% down, which could be the same as your return!


If your goal this year to buy a new home, your tax money could be the leveraging money you need to make ...
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2/1/2016 ~ FHA 203K loan

Good News! FHA is offering a loan that helps with home repairs, either with a new purchase or a refinance. Borrowing for costly home repairs from your family or waiting forever to try to take out a home equity loan is no longer necessary!


The FHA 203K Streamline Mortgage program lets you include the cost of repairs in the loan. The 203K allows home buyers to finance an additional $35,000 into their mortgage to improve or upgrade their homes before move-in.

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1/25/2016 ~ Have Limited Down Payment Funds

FHA may be the loan for you!


FHA home loans are a great option for many reasons. One of the most popular features is that FHA only requires 3.5% down. This means that qualifying borrowers can purchase their family home by putting down as little as 3.5% of the purchase price (or appraisal, whichever is lower).


What some homebuyers donít realize is that the down payment can be a gift, making this an even more appealing loan for a cash-strapped bo...
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1/18/2016 ~ No Money Down Loans

Use your tax returns toward your home purchase and invest in your future


The USDA Rural Development loans offer home buyers the opportunity to purchase a home with no money down. Here at GSF Mortgage, we are proud to be an approved lender with the USDA, and can answer any questions you might have about qualifying for one of these great fixed rate loans.


Because the USDA mortgages have no down payment requirement, it allows the home buyer to fin...
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1/13/2016 ~ Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait Until Spring

Living in this cold climate can make many wait till spring to purchase their new home. But taking advantage of the lower rates now, could end up saving you a bundle on your mortgage payment.


Although it may appear there are fewer homes on the market during the winter months, the sellers are often very motivated, and are looking to sell before the market becomes flooded with new listings in the spring. With home values on the rise, buying now could save you quite a bit ...
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1/4/2016 ~ Invest in Your Future

Use your tax returns toward your home purchase and invest in your future


Is your goal this year to purchase a home and stop paying your landlord's mortgage? With loan programs requiring little or no money down, now is the perfect time!


Using your tax return to cover your minimal closing costs is a great solution to get out of the rut of paying rent. Home prices are predicted to climb even more this summer. Purchasing now before the rush hits can...
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12/29/2015 ~ Renting VS Buying

Buying a home has many advantages that can last a life time. When you rent a property, there is no guarantee that your rent will not increase, as home values climb, so does rent. Owning your own home, allows you to maintain a set payment, and to plan for your financial future. It is also a great benefit to your financial security for retirement. Once your mortgage is paid off, your property will be owned out right, allowing you to live payment free. If you were to rent, you would still have ...
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12/21/2015 ~ Pre-Approval for New Home Purchase

Should you get preapproved before looking for your new home?


Yes! A preapproval is an important step before looking for your new home. You are not required to provide any documents for the preapproval, however, your preapproval is only as good as the information the lender has. To help the lender with your preapproval you can voluntarily provide the same documents you will need to qualify for your loan once you have an accepted offer, such as paystubs, bank statement...
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12/14/2015 ~ What is Mortgage Insurance - PMI

Mortgage insurance is a term we hear frequently when talking about a home mortgage. Typically, anyone purchasing a home with less than 20% down of the purchase price will be required to pay for mortgage insurance. It is called PMI – which stands for Private Mortgage Insurance. It’s called Private Mortgage Insurance because it is provided to your lender for conventional loans from a private insurance company.


Can PMI help me get my dream home without saving ...
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12/8/2015 ~ What to know about Escrow for Taxes and Insurance

Many lenders require you to escrow for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Let’s discuss a few basics about what it means to escrow.


Each month, you will pay a portion of the taxes and your home owners insurance with your mortgage payment to your escrow account. This amount is determined by dividing your estimated annual property taxes and homeowner’s insurance by 12 months.  For example, if your annual property tax bill is $1,000 and your h...
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12/2/2015 ~ Credit Score Tips

There are some simple tried and true things you can do to improve your credit score. First, remember to be patient. Credit scores do not improve overnight, but with these few simple tips, you may find your score on the rise. Credit scores are based on hundreds of factors, but paying attention to just a few can give your score a leg up you’re looking for.


First and foremost, pay those credit cards on time, even if it's the minimum amount. Secondly, do not be te...
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11/23/2015 ~ Refinancing and Reducing Monthly Payments


Many people are taking advantage of the available bank rates with Refinancing. Motivation can be either a lower interest rate, or shortening the loan length to fewer years. Additionally, refinancing is helpful to access some of the equity that has built up in the home since the purchase to pay off debt, buy a second home, vacation or invest.

Refinancing means you are going to obtain a new mortgage loan which pays off and replaces your existing home loan.

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11/16/2015 ~ Fall Home Buying Season

Fall is one of the busiest seasons for home buying, and for good reason! Often there is a wide selection of homes on the market in the fall. Homes that were originally listed in the spring have been sitting all summer, and frequently the home owners have been making improvements along the way to try to make them more appealing. These sellers are now restless, fearing a long cold winter, and are now preparing to remove their listings as the holidays approach. Was there a property you loved a f...
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11/9/2015 ~ How do I get a VA Loan

How do I get a VA loan, and what are the benefits? Who is eligible? These are the questions we hear every day here at GSF Mortgage, and if you’re a Vet, we are here to help!  We feel privileged to assist our country's Veterans secure financing with a VA loan.


A VA Loan is a mortgage loan guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. GSF Mortgage is a qualified lender that will help you with the VA Loan process. The loan was designed to aid eligib...
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11/2/2015 ~ Fall is Upon Us

Fall is upon us!

As we enter this time of year, many of us are wondering if it is time to refinance. If you have a mortgage with a higher interest rate or unsecured debt, now may be the time. Many have debated this, but with promising lower rates available, it may be time to make it a reality. It may seem a bit daunting, but the process is much easier than you think!


Refinancing not only offers a lower interest rate, but ...
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