Free appraisal with Finance First Pre-Approval

Of course, buying a house has a big financial implication. Rather than submitting an offer with the aim of seeking a loan later, our Finance first program will give you a pre-approval ahead with which you can use as a leg up to beat your competitor. This will help to enhance your credibility and increase your chance of acquiring the home of your dream. 

How is works

With the Finance First program an underwriter will review your file prior to putting in an offer. 

Many real estate agents require a pre-approval prior to showing homes, but all pre-approvals are not the same.  Many lenders will issue a pre-approval without even reviewing documents let alone having an underwriter review. With GSF Mortgage you can rest assured you are getting a solid pre-approval compared to other lenders.  When sellers are comparing offers a Finance First pre-approval with GSF Mortgage could help you get an accepted offer over another potential buyer who's not pre-approved.

As you can see, our Finance First Pre-approval program provides an easy way to purchase a home in Wisconsin. It ensures that you have an upper hand and offers you a better chance to acquire that home. 

As an added bonus, we will cover the cost of your appraisal when you sign a contract within 30 days of your approval!