FHA Home Loan | GSF Mortgage

The Wisconsin FHA Home Loan is government-backed to help you purchase or refinance a home.  Purchase a home at a lower down payment, and a lower credit score.

What does FHA loans offer?

FHA loans gives people with past credit issue the opportunity to purchase or refinance their Wisconsin home. Underwriting guidelines for FHA mortgage loans are not as restricted as conventional mortgage guidelines. This allows FHA the flexibility to lend to individuals with lower credit scores and for those with less money to put down.


FHA Home Loan Benefits:

  • Low Down Payments: 3.5% down payment is a great benefit for first-time homebuyers, and those who have little money to put down.
  • 100% Gift Funds: In addition to a low-down payment, the down payment funds can come from a gift.
  • FHA Loan Products: 30, 20 and 15 year-fixed, Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARMS) and 203k loan (Home Renovation Loans)
  • Insure All Types of Properties: FHA Loans are available for single-family detached homes, 2-4 unit homes, condos, and manufactured homes

Loan limits

Effective with FHA Case Numbers assigned on or after January 1, 2019, new FHA loan limits have increased to $314,827.