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Who Can Get a VA Loan?

September 13, 2017

Wondering if you can qualify for a VA loan? Most veterans, members of the military, National Guard members and reservists are eligible. Spouses of military members may also qualify. Here at GSF, we are happy to help you determine your eligibility for a VA Loan.


Potential borrowers will need to get a certificate of eligibility. The good news is, you don't need the certificate to start the mortgage process and we can assist you in getting the documents you need for the loan.


The great news about a VA loan is it requires NO money down. VA loans also do not require mortgage insurance. This is a big savings for those that served in our military! Many conventional loans require 20% down and mortgage insurance if more than 80% is financed on a home loan. VA loans do not have these restrictions.


Many people are under the impression you can only get a VA loan one time, but this is not true. Not to mention fees tend to be lower with a VA loans.


Want to discuss how to use your VA benefits with an expert? Give us a call at GSF Mortgage today. We are happy to talk to you one on one and determine if this loan works for you, and how easy the process is.



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