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Using a Realtor

January 09, 2017

Shopping for a home to purchase seems easier than ever now, with the endless listings online, such as Zillow and other similar sites. Many sites appear to have up to date listings and values readily available for you to make an educated decision about home buying. Unfortunately, this isn't always true. The values often are reported inaccurately, so these sites should be used to simply do some light browsing at best.


Many new home buyers are unaware that the realtor is free for them to use to purchase a home. The seller will pay the realtors fees out of the proceeds from their home sale, not the buyer. If the home is already listed with a realtor, those fees have already been agreed on. This allows you to find a realtor that is ready to help you find your dream home and with your best interests in mind.


Your realtor will help you pinpoint what neighborhood you want to live in and help you find the best deal on your dream home. Your realtor is there to represent you in your home purchase, and negotiate with the seller’s realtor not only about price, but closing dates, inspections, repairs, credits, and more.



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