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Stop Paying Rent Today!

October 25, 2016

Owning a home is always a smart investment! Many argue that they are renting to avoid costly home repairs, but in reality, home repairs are built into your rent payment. Mortgage payments are on average, much lower than the cost of rent.


There are other substantial reasons to buy a home rather than paying your landlords mortgage. When you purchase a home, it can be a way of requiring you to save money. Making monthly mortgage payments lowers your loan amount owed, growing equity in your home. That equity can be later utilized to invest, improve your home, or even pay for college.


Purchasing now ensures you payment stays the same, keeping your payments steady for the life of the loan. Renting never has that guarantee. Most landlords raise rent yearly, making his mortgage balance go down, while your wallet gets emptied. As home values climb around you, you will know you purchased your home to avoid the inflation, and lock in your payment. Not to mention the tax deductions you can receive when you own a home!


Contact us today to start saving and building your net worth!



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