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Selling Your Home and Holding Out for More Money

May 23, 2016

It's a highly competitive seller's market right now, making some sellers wonder if they should wait for a better offer.


Many are finding that they have immediate showings and offers right out of the gate when selling. It's not unusual for a seller to have one or more offers within just a few days of listing their home for sale.


Sellers have the upper hand, allowing them to accept an offer that is not contingent on another home sale, a better closing date, or even improvements that would need to be made to make the home more attractive to a buyer.


Some sellers feel they need to wait for the perfect offer, and are hesitant to accept a good solid one that is in front of them. This is a slippery slope. The home will still need to pass inspection, and financing to be finished. Just because someone may come along with a little sweeter of a deal, you will not be able to predict the future of how that deal may pan out. A buyer with a strong down payment, good financing, and sufficient earnest money should be snatched up. Don't wait for someone to offer you a more attractive deal. Any offer can have hidden problems, and your realtor should guide you as to what current offer is the best to accept and how to proceed. Remember, that strong offer in front of you, is a person that truly loves your home. You may find yourself missing out on the current deal, and potentially waiting weeks or months for another one as attractive.



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