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Renting or Buying

September 08, 2017

As fall approaches many renters wonder if they should be looking to buy a home. Often a good deal can be found with homes that haven't sold yet, and sellers are more willing to negotiate. So is now the right time to get in on homeownership?


Paying rent every month means you don't own anything. This may seem as a benefit to many, but is it really? With home values on the rise again, rents have steadily been going up. Homes you could afford to rent may be out of your price range in just a couple years. Renewing your lease may be a cost increase you were not expecting. That great neighborhood your kids are used to living in may now be out of your price range.


When you purchase a home, it can possibly lock in your monthly payment for 30 years and increase the equity in your home with every payment. As time goes by you can borrow against your equity. That is something a landlord will never offer you - money back to pay down other bills, a dream vacation, or even pay for college tuition. When you own, your home is working for you. When you rent, you are working to finance your landlord’s future, and his trip to Hawaii.


Owning a home has other benefits including tax deductions for property taxes as well as interest in most cases. Not to mention if you don't like your decor, you can change it. If you live in a home, the choices become yours, from wall colors to flooring. If you like lots of art on the wall, those walls belong to you!


Here at GSF Mortgage, we have a wide selection of mortgages that can help you accomplish your goals. From no money down to purchase loans that include rehab costs, we have a product to do that. Give us a call today to talk about what loan works for you, and the benefits of each one.



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