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Rates on the Rise

July 12, 2017

Along with the summer heat this year, temperatures will not be the only thing on the rise. Homes are selling faster than ever in most markets, especially here in Wisconsin. Future home buyers putting off the buying a home until fall may find they have waited too long to get their dream home. Prices are on the rise, and along with that, rates are predicted to go up also.


This could have a powerful impact on those that are watching their budgets. When home prices and rates rise, many buyers may have to settle for homes that are cheaper to afford the monthly payments.


There is a solution to this, and that is to get pre-qualified now before rates go up. This enables home buyers to take advantage of the lower rates, and get into their dream home sooner. GSF mortgage specialists can help you find the right loan program that works for you.


Over the next few weeks we will be discussing in detail our lending programs that allow little to no money down. Loans that allow you to buy that fixer upper and finance the repairs in your mortgage, and a special credit just for our neighbors that serve and support our community, such as EMT's, firefighters, and nurses.


Want to know which program works best for you now? Contact us at GSF Mortgage today and save on your mortgage payments for your future.



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