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Millennial Home Buyers

March 22, 2016

The newest generation of home buyers is beginning to enter the market, and will continue to do so for the next few years. This "Generation Y" will shape the way homes are purchased, and what they are looking for in their new abodes.


Many Millennials face the challenge of carrying more college loan debt than previous generations, but this generation is showing they are very savvy at managing a budget, as they are now entering the arena of home ownership. With this in mind, the market is beginning to show the home buying trend. Many more turnkey homes are selling, showing the Millennials arent necessarily shopping for fixer uppers. This new generation of buyers is level headed with the American Dream, looking for a smart purchase that is affordable for their budget.


With job growth on the rise, more and more Millennials will purchase homes over the next few years. FHA and other low money down home loans allow the Millennials to optimize their purchase power, while keeping their monthly expenses well in check. While this is the newest generation to enter the market, they are doing so prepared and educated about the process.


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