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Loan Discounts for Teachers

August 18, 2017

Here at GSF Mortgage we appreciate the dedication and sacrifices that the service fields make for our community. From fire fighters to teachers, these neighbors go the extra mile to make our lives better and to prepare our children for the future.


Our Serve and Support Benefit program was designed just for those making a difference. Teachers not only put in long hours grading papers and preparing for classes. They continue learning to help our children get the best education possible. The patience and level of care they give our kids help build a strong community for all of us.


Loan Amount; $200,000 | Credit: 0.25%
$200,000 x .0025 = $500 Credit


Because of this fact, GSF Mortgage offers a Serve and Support Benefit that gives these special fields, including teachers, a discount on mortgage products as a way of saying thank you.



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GSF Mortgage Corporation
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