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Home Selling Secrets

November 29, 2016

The home selling market is more competitive than ever. It is best to make sure your home is in tip-top shape right when it is first listed, because that is when the most showings will occur. Some simple do's and don'ts can make all the difference to help your home show the best, and they cost little or nothing.



Take down all the family photos, nick-knacks and other personal items displayed on shelves or on the walls. You want the home buyer to be able to picture him or her living there instead of you. Less is better. Box it up, and make a small clean stack of boxes away from the walls in the basement. Do not leave boxes in the main home as they are distracting and unappealing.



A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color gives a great first impression. It looks clean, and your purple accent wall isn't appealing to everyone, so now is the time to lighten things up. The one place you should never paint, however, is your basement. A fresh coat on the basement wall is a red flag to home inspectors, as they can no longer judge the integrity of the foundation, water problems, or worse, and will warn the home buyers you may be trying to hide something, and possibly scare away your home buyer.



Now is the time to pack some things up. Eliminate items from cabinets and closets so that they are only half full. This gives the subconscious mind the idea of extra storage. A packed closet will make your home buyer worry there are not enough closets and storage space. Again, label boxes and neatly stack them in the basement away from the walls. You don't want them to be in the way, just tidy and ready to go.



Make the pets disappear as much as possible. Pets are distracting to home buyers, and shouldn't be there when showing your home. Pick up pet bowls, toys, and beds, for those people that worry about allergies or pet damage on the carpets. Clean any carpets that may smell from pet odor. You want to be sure the home buyer is only thinking about what it would be like to live there, not how lived in it is.



Buy some premade cookie dough, and slice off 5-6 cookies and bake them right before your showing and leave them on a clean white plate. The fresh cookie smell will be welcoming when they enter your home, and they will appreciate the fact that you left them a warm fresh treat to enjoy while walking around the home. It's a proven fact that eating a warm cookie helps the home buyer imagine living in the home. After all, what's more cozy and homey than a warm cookie?



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