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Home Buying Tips and Tricks

July 20, 2016

Over the next few weeks we will be sharing important tips with you for home buying, ranging from credit tips to finding the perfect home.


This week we want to touch on looking at homes. This process can seem daunting, and you may feel as if you have seen too many houses to keep them straight. Try these tips to help you decide on which home is right for you.


Most real estate listed in todays market has a spec sheet available at the home for you to look at. This sheet lists the features of the home, square footage, neighborhood information, and so on. Active buyers find these to be a life saver, especially when viewing several homes in one or two days. So grab yourself a spec sheet, and lets get shopping!


First, on the back of each homes spec sheet, take some notes for yourself. (Bring a note pad just in case a spec sheet is not available at the showing.) Write down your favorite things about the home while it is fresh in your mind, and also note the things that didn't thrill you or could use improvement. Have questions your agent couldn't answer, and need them to follow up on them with the listing agent? This is also a handy place to jot these all down together, allowing you to follow up with your agent and remember which home was in question. Your agent will also appreciate your note taking. Not only to help you keep your viewings clear and focused, but it allows them to provide honest feedback to the listing agent as to the pros and cons of the listing.


Often times a home is listed and will have several viewings back to back with no offers, and the sellers and their agent are left without feedback as to what could be improved in the home for future showings. Too many cobwebs in the basement? Burned out lights made the viewing dark and unpleasant at night? These are all helpful feedback points any seller or agent would appreciate.


Your spec sheets and notes will assist you after multiple viewings, not only to look back and remember each home and the details you picked up on, but will assist you on which homes you may want to re-visit to make an offer on.



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