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Home Buying Tip #4

August 08, 2016

You've found your dream home and the day is set for your closing. Take advantage of the weeks before the big day to get organized and do some pre-packing. Here are some tips to make moving day a breeze!


A few weeks before the move is the perfect time to pack up all the decorations in your home. Critical items might be needed, but vases, pictures, figurines, and other decor items can be packed away and labeled to help eliminate some of the packing that will be done toward the end. Walk through each room and pack it up!


Use empty suit cases, wicker baskets, and chests to pack up those extra blankets, winter clothes, and bedding you may have- saving on extra boxes. Wrap stem wear, such as wine glasses, in your clean socks! Slip each one into a sock and pack them up - saving you on packing material and separate box for your socks. Label your boxes not only with what room they will need to be put in, but what is in them. After the move, this will help you determine what you need to unpack first.


Don't want to unpack all the dresser drawers, but need to make the dresser lighter? Pull the drawers out of the dresser and seal your clothes into the drawer with press and lock. Your clothes will be secure, and clean, and ready to go back in the dresser at the new house. Buy some stretch wrap from any store with a packing supply section. This will make securing cords to lamps, cushions on the couch, rolled up rugs, snug and secure without having to use sticky tape or a tripping hazard from dangling cords. You'll be surprised how often you will be reaching for the roll!


If your moving your refrigerator, remember to turn it off the day before the move. This will help with any defrosting, give you time to give it a good clean, and your appliance will be dry and ready to go for the move.


Finally, don't forget to have a yard sale or make a donation to your favorite local charity with items you don't use anymore. It will not only keep you from moving items you don't need, but helps your neighbors in the process!



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