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Fall is Upon Us

November 02, 2015

Fall is upon us!

As we enter this time of year, many of us are wondering if it is time to refinance. If you have a mortgage with a higher interest rate or unsecured debt, now may be the time. Many have debated this, but with promising lower rates available, it may be time to make it a reality. It may seem a bit daunting, but the process is much easier than you think!


Refinancing not only offers a lower interest rate, but the ability to consolidate bills and save your wallet wear and tear from paying sometimes exorbitant interest on your credit cards as well as reducing the amount of money paid every month in just minimum payments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just have a mortgage payment? Put your equity to work by consolidating those student loans, credit cards, car loans, and boat loans into one much more affordable monthly payment. Freeing up cash flow will allow you to not only decrease the amount of money flying out of your wallet monthly, but can also afford you the luxury of contributing more toward your retirement or a well deserved vacation fund.


These considerations should be taken into account to make a smart decision if consolidation is right for you. Here at GSF we will help you explore all of your options, and provide you with all of the information to make an educated decision as to what works best for your financial future. Located conveniently in Little Chute WI, we help customers in the Appleton, Fond du Lac, Green Bay area surpass their financial goals!


Ron Meyer

GSF Mortgage Corporation

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