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Buyers: Using a Real Estate Agent VS For Sale by Owner

April 06, 2016

Many people that enter the home buying and selling arena wonder if they should use a real estate agent. Many first-time home buyers are tempted to look at homes that are For Sale by Owner, or FISBO as it is known in the business. This could unfortunately be a major misstep to not tap into the years of knowledge and expertise an experienced agent has in the business with you, for free!


When a home is listed with a real estate agent, the realtor has taken his or her time, going through an above-board vetting process with the home sellers. The realtor has filled out important disclosures for the new buyers such as, stating the condition of the home, existing liens and known defects of the home. Realtors take their jobs very seriously and are sure to disclose any known defects or structural problems of which the home seller is aware.


Your realtor will write a legally binding offer to purchase on the home, ensuring you have the right to a home inspection, rates that are agreeable to the buyer, and may make more contractual stipulations protecting the home buyer and the seller in the process. Without this realtor guiding you though the sometimes difficult process of home selection and offer negotiation, you would be forced to do it either on your own, potentially missing important purchase details, or you will need to hire, sometimes at a significant costs to you, a real estate attorney to look over every last document, but still lacking the listing agents disclosures and vetting.


The realtor for the buyer is free. The realtor is paid for by the seller through the home sale proceeds. A FISBO is a property that has not had the rigorous eye of the realtor and ever important condition/disclosure reports. For that reason your realtor will not take you to see a FISBO home, for your own protection. He or she cannot guarantee you are not being intentionally misled as to the condition of the home, or that it is free of contractor liens, or in tax foreclosure. A good real estate agent is a fountain of knowledge; there to protect you and guide you thought the ins and outs of buying your dream home.


If you are looking to purchase a home in the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and Fond Du Lac areas or beyond, please contact us today to discuss what steps you can take to make your home buying experience streamlined and painless!


Join us next week when we talk about using a realtor to sell your home versus doing FISBO.



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