Purchase & refinance options for your Wisconsin home.

GSF Mortgage has several loan programs available. Not sure where to start?  Answer a few questions and our  loan program locator will help determine what loan program is best for you.

Purchasing a home in Wisconsin with no money down

  • USDA Rural Development available in rural areas of Wisconsin
  • VA mortgage available to Wisconsin Veterans
  • WHEDA 

Have some money to put down but not 20%

  • Fannie Mae Home Ready 3% down required
  • FHA 3.5% downpayment which can be gifted
  • Conventional with 5% down

Refinance options for your Wisconsin home.

  • Conventional up to 95%
  • FHA up to 97.5% LTV
  • USDA up to 100%
  • VA up to 100%